A Change of Course

This used to be the best Ukraine blog you have ever read…

But not anymore, I realised that my most read posts do not involve Ukraine at all. The most read posts involve the Czech Republic and Facebook censorship. And therefore, I realised that I should dedicate my posts to curious information about a variety of things. Sometimes, the simplest post, involving a headline and a photo can go madly viral.

And another point I contemplated was how much personally do I want to spend on a post. And here is what I came up with, one minute! I have long limited my word count to somewhere around 300 words. And this is the format my blog shall from now take. Short, glossy, interesting and hard hitting information I find on the internet, with links, charts, photos, memes. Related to my home region of Eastern Europe but not necessarily. Comments can be made in the comments section…

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