7 thoughts on “Svidomites Go Back to School

  1. Btw Leos, I’m zucced for 30 days again over some comments about Chinese bitches. It got reported as “hate speech” instead of sexual harassment. All in all, I got a feeling that shits on Fuckbook gonna get worse and worse.


    1. I got harassment for writing: “Your dad is a monkey, say hello to him” to a person that called me a monkey.


      1. I got zucced for this: “I think it’ll be wise for China to develop a new weapon; novichok attached to Chinese bitches’ pussies. Completely harmless to the bitches but harmful to all the anti-China types.”

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      2. Many of these anti-China types have their dick deep in some Chinese pussy. But Facebook mods probably don’t have any pussy, are nerdy fucks that can’t pull.


      3. I was talking about Navalny’s case. They call it hate speech instead of sexual harassment, and for that I think it’s one of my kind who reported me…either that, or some libtard or boomer who don’t even like China that much to begin with.


  2. The extreme China haters or lovers all had experienced Chinese pussies from what I can see. Gotta love these extreme ends types. But hey good point though, that could either be some butthurt Chinese thots or just some random Fuckbook scan


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