2 thoughts on “Zrada: The Economist Uses a Map of Ukraine Without Crimea

  1. Strange account. She NEVER tweets in Ukrainian, In the times I have heard her speak after her hopeless husband was ejected as President, I have never heard her speak in any language other than English – in a deep American accent.

    There is not blue tick so there is the chance it could not be her – although which psychopath would want to impersonate Katerina Yushchenko on Twitter?

    It is pathetic how dumb Americans are – her and Yanovovitch are blatantly the Nazi-loving bitter children of UPA loving scum, immigrating to American directly from Germany, with CIA help – but they can get a freepass from extremely ignorant people.

    But this is the “genius ” of that prick Bandera – he killed every single available Jew meaning no affected family member or survived victim who would then emigrate to America and lobby or embark on a vendetta against Ukrop failed nationalism. Of course this is in stark contrast to a small but vampire-like section of jewish emigres to America from the Pogroms and the USSR in the 1970’s/80’s who openly conduct politics and propaganda against Russia


    1. I don’t think Bandera was a Jew killer, or at least that was not his particular agenda. Other members of the OUN were more anti-Jewish.


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