The Majority of Ukrainians and Russians Want Relations Without Borders, Visas and Customs


Russia and Ukraine ought to be independent countries with mutually open borders without a visa and customs policy. This is the opinion of the majority in both countries. Such are the results of mutual polling conducted by the Levada Center and the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

According to the results of the research, 54% of Russians and 49% of Ukrainians hold such a view. The opposite opinion, that is that the borders ought to be closed and visas instituted, is held by 23% in Russian Federation (RF) and 41% in Ukraine.

19% of Russians, and 4% of Ukrainian respondents mentioned a single state.

Meanwhile, as the results of the polling show, the nations of the RF and Ukraine have warm attitude towards each other. 56% of Russians expressed positive attitude towards Ukrainians. For their part, 54% of Ukrainians expressed a positive attitude towards the people of the RF.

31% of Russians expressed a negative view of Ukrainians, and 35% of Ukrainians expressed a negative view of the Russians. The research has shown that 13% of Russians and 12% of Ukrainians haven’t formed an opinion about the other country.

The Levada Center conducted its research in Russia from 26 October to 2 October 2019, among a representative choice of 1601 respondents from across Russia, among respondents 18 years and older, in cities and rural areas, in 137 settled areas, in 50 federal subjects. In Ukraine, the KIIS conducted its research in the period between 6 and 16 September 2019, among 2035 respondents.

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