Rustem Adagamov: Myrotvorets is From Putler


“It is not that first time that I heard that “Myrotvorets” was in fact created by Moscow as an anti-Ukrainian project. And it was successful because nothing shows Ukrainians as complete idiots as this site that is registered in Canada and belongs to God-knows-who. Notice that similar updates on that site are immediately shown in newsreels of Russian media.

Since I found this as a screenshot at another page, I was interested in the context of what happened. Here it is…

Remember the Russian plane that crash landed in a corn field? Turns out the plane was bound for Simpheropol in Crimea. And travelling to Crimea from places other than Ukraine is banned by Ukrainian law. So the crew is now on Myrotvorets…ECBETBYXkAMg3sv.png

The Myrotvorets is a project of the Ukrainian secret service, no Putin involved here.

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