How do you like Your Borjomi, Russians?

To be honest, I have never seen Borjomi sold anywhere else than in Russia and Georgia…


This fuckface above is the is the director of the Georgian opposition TV Channel, Rustavi 2, and he promises to piss in the drinks that are exported to Russia. Borjomi is a mineral water, and I like it to be honest, but I do not like the thought of this fool pissing in my water.

I honestly think, certain forces in Georgia want to whip up Russophobic hysteria to damage the country economically. Georgians are too hotheaded to realise this this. Nevetheless, Russia ought to punish these limitrophes for Russophobia. So far the reaction to these provocations is surprisingly weak.

That said however, Russians ought to stop travelling to Georgia while the Georgians don’t cool it. I don’t quite see what draws Russians to that place apart from close proximity. Tbilisi is a crumbling town that smells like piss, I bet there are quite a few of those in Russia too.0.jpg IMG_4112.JPGThese are not my photos but I confirm having seen the city in such a state, and it shows the people there lack money to rebuild their houses, then you assholes like the one above that purposefully damage relations with a large neighboring country.


Georgia has some stunning hiking locations but Russia also has Caucausus.


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