Zelensky says the only Commonality left Between Ukraine and Russia is the Border

He said this in a post on Facebook.



After any “goodbye” inevitably comes a “good day.”

I have long thought about “lot of in common”  between Russian and Ukraine. The reality is such that today, after the annexation of Crimea and the aggression in the Donbass, what is left of “in common” is the state border,

2295 kilometers and 400 metres in common. And from the Ukrainian side, Russia ought to return control over this border. Only then can continue searching for commonalities.

The ban on export of oil products, and the distribution of passports to the citizens of occupied territories, the holding of Ukrainians as captives, doesn’t bring closer the settlement of relations between our countries, even by iota, and we cannot call such relations “brotherly.”

Now, from the “common” to “personal.”

Regarding show, which was announced on the Russian federal channel.  I want to remind [everyone] that it was acting in TV shows that made me popular in Ukraine, and in the end made me a President of Ukraine. The airing of this show, which was filmed a long time ago, looks weird. I don’t have ambitions to do a political career in Russia.

(If you know the name of the show please write in the comments)


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