Strelkov Sells his Commemorative Crimea Medal

I saw this yesterday at Ukrainian accounts on Twitter, who were particularly overjoyed, and I did not believe this at first, but it appears to be true. The information comes from Mikhail Polynkov, a coordinator of volunteers for Novorossiya, (his blog) and appeared on his VK account…

The gold medal is being is being featured here for million rubles (guess that’s the starting price) and will go for auction on 13 April. It features a bust of Putin on the obverse side of the coin and a map of Crimea on the reverse side of the coin. And text in Latin on the obverse, and what appears to be Old Slavonic, and Russian (geographical names are in Russian, little lettering on the bottom are in Russia but in old orthography) on the reverse. t02pgRjBtxI.jpg

Obviously, Putin as emperor, and the linguistic chaos, suggests the medal is not very official. Polynkov offers Strelkov’s explanation:

Yes Sergey, this is my medal, it is not a state issued medal. It was given to me by Malofeyev already in Spring 2014, before the Donbass campaign. I am selling it because I have material troubles, which I cannot cover by the funds available to me. I did not have particular fondness for this award because a) it is not a state award b) not a combat award c) featuring a person, whom I, with the exception of a short period of 2014, never respected, and whom I despise from 2015.

For reference, Konstantine Malofeyev is a Russian businessman, who funds a variety of conservative causes.

This website already featured one other Crimea commemorative medal before.

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