Worshipping Ghouls is Morally Sick

Alex Kokcharov is an analyst, can’t say if Russian or Ukrainian, he says he spent childhood in Donetsk. He posts in English on Twitter, and I have been blocked by him twice for asking inconvenient questions…

Here he morally judges some ghoul-worshipping Stalinist sovoks in Moscow commemorating the death of their idol. I cannot but agree with Alex…

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 12.36.20.png

However, I wonder whether he is as critical of Ukrainian ghoul cults, like that of Roman Shukhevych, a commander of Nazi German special forces composed of Ukrainian nationalists? Did he protest against the 2017 decision of the Kiev City Council to rename the General Vatutin Avenue in Kiev in the name of Roman Shukhevych? (the decision was later dropped because of controversy) Of course he didn’t, the only time I discovered he mentioned Shukhevych, was to correct some author who misspelled that ghoul’s name:

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 15.25.24.png

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