The Pogrom of Korsun

One event of February that deserves to be remembered is the “Pogrom of Korsun”. On the night of 20-21 February, buses carrying anti-Maidan protesters from Kiev to Crimea have been stopped by members of the Right Sector at Korsun’-Shevchenkivs’kyi, South of Kiev, and the anti-Maidan protesters have been viciously beaten for taking part in the protest in Kiev…

Ukrainian propaganda tends to completely deny the existence of an internal conflict within Ukraine, and blames separatism squarely on Russia. How then do Ukrainian supporters of the Euromaidan explain what happened? They explain the beatings of people by neonazis by saying that the Right Sector goons disarmed Berkut (riot police) and titushki (hired thugs).

There is a pervasive culture of denial, excuse and trivialisation in Ukraine of the atrocities committed by the supporters of the Euromaidan against their opponents, and pervasive shifting of blame onto Russia for the conflict they themselves helped create.

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