“I’m a Bandera!” Flashmob of the Police

A story of cucks and nazis…

The other day, neo-nazis from the gang C14 (already featured on this blog here) stormed a police station in Kiev, and were beaten out by riot police that came to help. The video below shows how it looked.

In the process of liberating the station from the nazis, one of the cops committed sacrilege. He shouted: “Lie down, Bandera!” Bandera was a fascist leader in Western Ukraine of the interbellum period, a terrorist and Nazi collaborateur. He is venerated by many in contemporary Ukraine.

Had this happened in America, which so supports this mayhem in Ukraine, bullets would fly, and little would remain of the C14 gang. But we are in Ukraine, where these neo-nazis have plenty of friends. In the Ministry of Interior in particular.

Hromads’ke reports…

“I am Bandera!”: The policemen have launched a flashmob over a shout of a riot-policeman: “Lie down, Bandera!”

Police staff have launched a flashmob with the aim to apologise for the words of one of the defenders of the law, who shouted: “Lie down, Bandera!” when he arrested right wing radicals at the Podilskyi district police station. 

Among the participants was the first depute head of the Department of Patrol Police, Oleksiy Biloshits’kiy, the head of Patrol police command in Kropyvnyts’kiy (former Kirovograd), and also a director of the Department of Patrol Police Evhen Zhukov.

“I am Bandera! I am an officer of the police! I serve the Ukrainian people! I do not support the slogan: “Lie down, Bandera!” I don’t support occupation of buildings! I defend and will continue to defend my country and her people!” -the policemen wrote at their Facebook pages.Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 16.01.55.png

The head of the National Police of Ukraine, Serhiy Knyazev also joined the flashmob: “I ask for forgiveness, I am also a Banderovite, Glory to Ukraine!” -he wrote.

“I am also a Banderovite, and proud of it! Bandera is my hero! I am staunchly against slogans: “Lie down, Bandera!” -it is shameful and it is unacceptable!” -wrote the advisor to the Minister of Interior, Zoryan Shkiryak. Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 16.14.31.png

Earlier, the director of Kiev Police, Andriy Kryshchenko apologised for the policeman who shouted: “Lie down, Bandera!” during the arrest of right wing radicals in Kiev. “This member of staff will be punished, we have a lot to work on.” -said Kryshchenko.


There you have it folks, everyone is a Banederovite, and they got triggered when the Russian Foreign Minister called them Nazis.

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