The EU Flag APC is real but it is Russian Disinformation

This is what your tax money goes to dear EU citizens…

You may have seen the photo of the armoured personal carrier (APC), which was deployed in France to quell the Yellow Vests protests. I personally thought this viral photo was a Photoshop job when I saw it but apparently not, the APC is real! EU vs. Disinfo confirms this:

French gendarmerie deployed several armoured vehicles. One of them was marked with the EU flag, as it had previously been used in a European training exercise.

Ahh OK, so it isn’t a disinformation, so what is? Looks like a Russian TV station, Tsargrad, aired a segment where they claimed the following:

It is not only the local police that are trying to stop the yellow vests protests in France, but also the military equipment of the EU. Armoured military vehicles with the EU flag are used against unarmed European protesters, who demonstrate against the EU-supported authoritarian regime. The EU is not a project of peace.

I don’t blame you for not knowing what Tsargrad is, I would wager that 99% of EU citizens have never heard of this TV station. EU vs. Disinfo does not provide a link to the Tsargrad broadcast for me to verify if they actually said it. But that I guess is not important because in my opinion the inclusion of Tsargrad as the source of disinformation was simply technical, to justify the work.

The “disinformation report” includes a link to Le Monde, which only confirms that the French police are lazy to bother with a 5 minute paint job. It doesn’t say anything about Tsargrad because the general French population doesn’t know what that is, and I doubt Tsargrad did any amplifying of the EU APC photo in France.

However, note another thing that irks the EU fighters against disinformation. “The EU is not a project for peace.” The EU has long usurped for her propaganda purposes the period of peace which ensued in Europe after the most destructive war in human history. Hence, “the EU is a force for peace, and without it there would be war” goes the propaganda. But I have to ask, what did the EU do to prevent war in Yugoslavia, or in Ukraine?

The EU lies, the EU sucks, please fuck it this May!

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