Russia Doesn’t Need Russophobic Ukraine

Every time the Poroshenko administration does something to alienate his country from Russia, he utters words that have now become a meme. In English they sound like: “I once again say goodbye to the Russian Empire.” And every time he says good bye, some hack declares “Putin, Russia, Russia’s imperialist ghost  has lost” Ukraine. The problem is, Russia doesn’t own Ukraine and did not since 1991. Hence, the Russians had limited influence over Ukraine. And even if I think Russia could be more active in dealing with Ukraine before 2014, it is questionable whether Russia would have won this fight against the West.

Basically, Ukraine as it exists now is virtually useless to Russia. Crimea is Russia, forever. The Nord Stream 2 will be constructed soon enough. Any resources Russia needs can easily be bought from the Ukrainian oligarchs. Russia also accepts immigrants from Ukraine, making use of her human capital. Since Ukraine, already under Yanukovych, refused to join a grain cartel proposed by Russia, Ukraine has become a competitor to Russia in the agricultural sphere.

Russia does not need an agricultural superpower with Russophobic hillbillies. We have seen the capability of Ukraine to wage war in the cauldrons of Donbass and the strait of Kerch. But look on the map, Russia and Ukraine are part of one geographical space. One day hopefully the government in Ukraine will change. And until then, we will have the current situation.

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