Poroshenko will lead Ukraine into the Promised Land

A friend of mine has shown me a forum of Porokhobots, which is what supporters of Poroshenko are derogatively  called in Ukraine by Poroshenko’s opponents, and I found this poster:

Screenshot 2019-01-05 at 17.01.10.png
With Petro Poroshenko, NATO and the EU are the future of Ukraine.

I pity those Ukrainians who are gullible enough to believe this. Somebody should tell them Ukraine is too large and too poor to join the EU. And currently Ukraine is not even a candidate for membership in that organisation. The EU is gripped by internal problems, and not in the mood to expand. Furthermore, Ukraine is gripped by internal problems, and thus ineligible for membership in the NATO.

I guess I like repeating myself, however Ukraine is destined to remain a grey Zone between hostile Russia, and outside the periphery of the EU. It is actually an unenviable position that the current rulers have gotten Ukraine into.

It should be added that the poster used a recent photo of Poroshenko which became famous for one of the paratroopers behind him wearing a symbol of the SS, as this site reported.

One thought on “Poroshenko will lead Ukraine into the Promised Land

  1. I looked at the comments in the groups, many seem like regular people supporting Poroshenko and hating on Zelensky and Timoshenko. Could they be state employees?


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