Poroshenko says Putin Hates Ukraine’s European Success…

The drugs the interns writing on Poroshenko’s Twitter take must be really good…

Screenshot 2018-12-22 at 17.16.04.png
Russia is afraid of three issues: the first is our unity and solidarity. The second thing [Russia] hates is the international presence in Ukraine, be that in the Donbass, in the Crimea, or in the Azov Sea. And thirdly, Putin hates the European success of Ukraine.

2 thoughts on “Poroshenko says Putin Hates Ukraine’s European Success…

  1. He could only mean the visa-free travel as “European success”, which most Ukrainians are too poor to even take advantage of ( except if they spend the holiday in a ditch), doesn’t include the UK and some other countries, and preceeds getting visa-free travel to the UAE or Qatar of Saudi Arabia ( Russia got it before them) which is something that will enable Ukrainians to earn some valuable money in a relatively short space of time

    Most of the “visa-free travel” involves Poland, which they probably could have visited and/or worked in at just as numbers of people before any maidan/EU agreements if they wanted to, just as with Moldovans in Romania . True, it has enabled more and more Ukrainians to work in higher numbers in useful places like Germany and the Czech Republic, but to call it a success is mind-boggling.

    As it is there,are hundreds of thousands of Albanians in the EU (including Britain), I’m not too sure if that gives Serbian’s too many sleepless nights


    1. I heard the “visa-free travel” actually comes with some requirements, like if asked you need to provide information about your bank account and hotel that you will be staying at. If you cannot show that, you can be turned away.

      Also, the visa-free travel was something that was already in the work under Yanukovych. So it is not much of a success of the current government.


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