Summing Up The Achievements of the Maidan

The result of the so called “Revolution of Dignity” has been poverty and war…

Five years have passed since protests gripped Ukraine, which led to the fall of the Yanukovych government and Ukraine’s firm orientation towards the West. I think that half a decade allows us to speak of a complete failure of the ideals of the Euromaidan, also called “Revolution of Dignity.” The revolution did not achieve dignity for the Ukrainian people, and arguably Ukraine at present is further from Europe than it has been when Yanukovych rejected the Association Agreement with the EU.

Ukrainians are one most miserable on the European continent, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. And as of today, almost 5 years into the Association Agreement, Ukraine is still not a candidate for membership in the EU, and it is highly unlikely Ukraine will become one within the next decade. The destiny of Ukraine is to be a grey zone between the EU and Russia. At loggerheads with the latter, and in an unequal relationship with the former.

Ukraine will continue to export goods with low added value, and resources such as grain, and timber. Such a country will not need the current level of population. No, Ukrainians will not die out but the question remains how many planters of buckwheat does the country need? And this situation shall continue until a political force in Ukraine emerges which returns back to a sensible policy towards Russia.

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