War Room Facebook Against the Russians

Ukrinform reports…

Ukraine should not allow division of the society during elections because it will be used by the Russians.

This was said on a press conference, by the president of the National Democratic Institute (NDI, USA). Derek Mitchell, while analysing the pre-election environment in Ukraine.

“Social divisions, we have to be careful about those… The Russian will take advantage of any element of social division. They are opportunists… they will find those divisions and they will exploit them. So one way to prevent it, or to inoculate one self against it, is to allow for the natural political debate, political contest to go on. But ensure that political contest does not bleed into use of techniques or messages that exacerbate social division. We make that point in the statement. Once you do that, once you play on some of the foundational issues of the country, then the Russians can much more easily play indirectly but also through digital platforms like Facebook or others. So that’s why we call for Facebook explicitly to leave the office in Moscow and come to… they can maybe have it in Moscow…  but have also an office in Kiev. With Ukrainian speakers. The folks, who are focused 24/7, in a war room environment, they had this for our election, recent mid-term election. For others, if they test it, kind of 24/7 war room to ensure their platform is not misused for misinformation, for hate, to exacerbate social divisions that create instability, to really undermine a society… in a country. So, I think there are responsibilities by those on the outside not to create problems, there is certainly more need for more digital literacy in internally, so people know what they are seeing and identify when they are being exploited potentially by Russian disinformation. You can for instance, we talked about advertisements on TV, which should be marked, who are the funders of that. So there is… more transparency the better. The more that society is working together during the electoral period and there is confidence in the process. Then the Russians have less ability to exploit those divisions for their own ends. So there are things that can be done, even if they try through other methods to hurt the stability, security and unity of the country.”

That’s enough…

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