Hroysman: Russians Want to Create Ukraine Fatigue in the World

If you need to blame somebody for something, blame Russia. From UNN…

Image of Ukraine as a corrupt country is being actively popularised abroad. The Russians want to create a Ukraine fatigue around the World, said (Ukrainian prime minister) Hroysman at a forum of statesmen “Sofia Kievskaya”.

“What concerns corruption in Ukraine, one has to ask, why does the whole world know about this, and does not know about something else that is our positive trait? Why? If we talk about corruption today, I can say that we have been able to do away with it in many spheres. But it remains in many businesses.”

According to Hroysman, this can be explained by the fact that “the story about total corruption in Ukraine is popularised abroad.” He confirmed, on one hand that there still is corruption in Ukraine. But on the other hand, according to Hroysman, this is amplified so that to create a negative image of the country.

“I think that things are amplified with the assistance of Russia. Russians want to create a Ukraine fatigue. We have internal issues that we need solving, that is an obvious fact. But together with the negative phenomena, there is also progress… Today many NATO, and EU countries are thinking about the ways to defend themselves against this hybrid, informational aggression from the Russian Federation. If we look at the hybrid attack: military aggression, economic aggression, energy aggression. The machine of Russian propaganda works in every hotel abroad.”

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