Russophobes Picket A Lvov Business Forum, Where Speakers Present In Russian

Would they picket a forum, where people present in English? Why shouldn’t guest speakers not use a language that everyone understands? Should provincial nationalism stand in the way of modern business? reports…

A forum conducted in the Russian language was picketed in Lvov. Vgolos (a disgusting Russophobic dump) reports.

20 people stood around “Arena Lvov” and picketed the LVIV SMM FORUM IV. (а social media marketing forum). The organiser from “Lvov ne govorit po russki” Andrey Syvokhip said that he has been fighting for several years to make the lecturers translate their presentations into Ukrainian. But he is being constantly ignored.

“It is not the first year, the Russophone SMM Forum takes place in Lvov. I have constantly asked the organisers to provide a translation of Russian language lectures into Ukrainian. When I found out that on 20 October, there will be another forum in Lvov, I began writing to the organisers of the event regarding the language of the lecturers. They however did not want to speak to me.”

Syvokhip said that he wrote about this problem to Lvov mayor, Andriy Sadovy but did not receive any answer. The organisers of the forum refused to provide a simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.

“On Tuesday I wanted to buy a ticket for the event. I was told there will not be a simultaneous translation into Ukrainian. Out of all the lecturers, only one agreed to present in Ukrainian, and the rest categorically refused to change their presentations. I think the organisers of the forum a limiting a large number of people, who do not know the Russian language or do not absorb information in this language.” (the latter are clearly handicapped)

Syvokhip remarked that many participants of the SMM Forum have discovered today for the first time that the presentations will be exclusively in Russian.

“The participants in the SMM Forum, entering the “Arena Lvov” have told me they don’t know which language the speakers with use. Many people said that if they knew the event was in the Russian language, they would not attend. (yet they did attend) The organisers have completely refused to talk to us.”


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