As you probably may have heard, the notorious internet content producer Graham Phillips gave Bandera’s grave in Munich a facelift…

Graham was trying to bring awareness to a shrine to fascism in the midsts of a Bavarian forest…

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On the way, Graham encountered a group of pilgrims. He shouted: “Steednow! Steednow!”, which is supposed to say “Shemeful! Shameful!”

The Pilgrims were very shy but Ukrainian politicians were very triggered over what happened. Igor Mosiychuk, parliament member from the Radical Party said:

“This monster (i.e. Graham Philips) needs to live in constant fear because if the police does not come for him, Ukrainian nationalists will visit him.”

Graham called Mosiychuk a “rotten bastard” on Twitter, and added that Mosiychuk’s words only motivate him to do more work to spread the truth.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.27.16.png

The Ukrainian minister of foreign affairs was being particularly autistic on Twitter. He seems to have deleted the tweet below. It looked like written by a low IQ intern recruited from the ranks of Ukrainian online trolls. Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 17.17.00.png

“The Russian Empire has fought against Ukraine, respectively against the UPA (note: Ukrainian Insurgent Army), and then killed S. Bandera (WUT? WUT?) and now is plundering his grave by the hands of provocateurs and propagandists [that she] nourishes. The spirit of struggle does not give them any sleep because it inspires us to progress forward! And [the event] will be judged by an impartial prosecutor’s office.”

I really hope they bring this to court because Grahams defence, and the attention it will get, is the last thing they want.

4 thoughts on “Steednow!

  1. While Phillips was leaving his opinions on Bandera’s shrine to fascism, he could have left some poo on the various shrines to Soviet fascism. Just for you know, balance. Because the majority of the Soviet commanders in ww2 were, coincidentally, also Ukrainian.


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