Zrada Cinema

Let me introduce you to the yin and yang of Ukrainian existence. All Ukrainian life oscillates between two concepts. “Velyka Peremoha” (Great Victory) and Hanebna Zrada (Shameful Betrayl). You will soon see how it works…

Hanebna Zrada has happened in the East Ukrainian town of Konotop, in the Sumy region, where veterans of ATO (“anti-terrorist operation” against the people of Donbass) have gathered to celebrate their Peremoha on the eve of 14 October, the foundation day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which was made into a national holiday of the Defender of Ukraine.

TSN report:

The heroes of light have been greeted by a video featuring the suffering of Donbass people, and the heroism of Donbass rebels, which are banned topics in Ukraine. Here is the video:

The SBU (Ukrainian secret service) is on the case to reveal the perpetrators of this act of mental sabotage.

Materials for this post were found at Stalkerzone.

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