I Guess This is Why Republika Srpska Wants out of Bosnia

The school in Gorazde, Bosnia, previously named Nikola Tesla, a scientist, changed it`s name to Husein Djozo, member of 13th Handžar Division organized by the Waffen SS where he served as imam of 28 regiments, and occasionally as divisional imam. He openly wrote a letter to Himmler stating the readiness of many soldiers to lay down their lives for Adolf Hitler: “I consider it my duty to express my gratitude to the Reichführer on behalf of divisional imams and hundreds and thousands of poor people in Bosnia.”

I found this in the comments on YouTube. This was a total Svidomite move there. Nikola Tesla was a Serb and he had to go, and they have chosen a total ghoul in his stead, wonderful. This has everything.