Diplomats of These Countries Were Present at Navalny’s Court Hearing on 31 January

I made a screen shot back then but got to writing this post only now…

In total, around 20 representatives of the diplomatic mission in Russia attended the hearing. The support for this petty criminal in the West is overwhelming. In the Czech Republic, the Senate voted to condemn the trial of Alexey Navalny. The Parliament and the presidential office remained neutral, which is commendable. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not and engaged in shameful and unproductive virtue signaling by summoning the Russian ambassador.

Anywhere else in Europe and North America we have witnessed absolutely baseless attempts to condemn the Russian justice system for trying to do their job. And I wonder, do the Russian political attachés in Western countries also visit trials of local dissidents? The Russian diplomats are often not even allowed to attend trials of their own citizens.