Boobs to Stop Putler

So, you may have heard of FEMEN, the formerly Ukrainian feminist group that was flashing some udders at the world and presumably empowering the women. So these girls have a tendency to show tits to Putin.

Putin’s face is priceless

I am jealous of Putin, I would also like a to have an entire movement of women dedicated to showing me boobs.

Follow the link, it is the last video YouTube allowed me to post. With the war out there, they are giving me strikes, and may actually delete my channel. So I decided to become inactive there.

The Former Culture Minister of Belarus Stages a Screaming Protest With Topless Ukrainian Mingers

Why does it not surprise me that a former minister that supported Belomaidan is a pervert?

The above sharade was staged by Pavel Latushko.

Pavel Latushko is a former minister of culture, former theatre director, and now he is dwelling in Poland in exile. According to the recent interview with Roman Protasevych, he lives in a 3000 euro apartment.