Ukraine Ain’t Gonna Win This Fight

While the mainstream media are full of victory dances over Ukraine’s territorial gains, and claims of Russian weakness, feeding copious amounts of hopium to idiots, whose minds are already fried by years of incessant Russophobic propaganda, there are those that look at things through a more sober lens:


In the absence of a critical root-and-branch analysis of Russia’s national power and strategic interests, American senior military leaders and their political bosses viewed Russia through a narrowly focused lens that magnified U.S. and Ukrainian strengths but ignored Russia’s strategic advantages—geographic depth, almost limitless natural resources, high social cohesion, and the military-industrial capacity to rapidly scale up its military power.


…the Biden administration repeatedly commits the unpardonable sin in a democratic society of refusing to tell the American people the truth: contrary to the Western media’s popular “Ukrainian victory” narrative, which blocks any information that contradicts it, Ukraine is not winning and will not win this war.

Yesterday, I wrote a comment in Czech on Facebook, asking whether anyone still believes in Ukrainian victory. To my surprise, many do…

I really suggest you read that American Conservative article because it is a really good analysis of Russia’s strategy in Ukraine.