Russian Amateur Porn Creator Defiles Balinese Holy Mountain

From RT:

Balinese Police are searching for a Russian model who went viral after filming a racy video on Mount Batur, a volcano on Indonesia’s ‘Island of the Gods.’ The clip was watched by more than 1.2 million people before being deleted.

Named by various media outlets as Veronika Troshina, the actress, who goes by the name Mihanika69 online, happened to choose one of the country’s most holy places for her video, filmed with a male partner. It has caused outrage on the island of Bali, a popular location for Russian tourists.

The clip, posted last year on the pornographic website PornHub, was watched by more than 1.2 million people before it was removed. If she is still on the island, and gets found by law enforcement, Troshina and her partner could face up to two years and eight months in prison for indecent behavior in public.

Troshina, whose Instagram account is now locked, has 259,500 followers on TikTok and 552,000 subscribers on PornHub.

“Our officer found the location, specifically along the hiking trail of Mount Batur, a bit above Pasar Agung Temple,” Bangli precinct chief I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan said last week. “We are coordinating with immigration to find out whether or not the people concerned are still in Bali.”

Well, there are porn producers that tend to have sex in whatever location imaginable. It is like a thrill from job to them. Nothing is sacred… however yesterday I have made some screenshots from Veronika’s Facebook.

Her photo:

And these are the comments underneath: