Brighter Future for Africa

This 2nacheki is quickly becoming my favourite YouTube channel…

I have long been a well wisher of Africa. I want the continent to prosper and lift itself from misery. My opinions on Africa formed while I was studying in the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. I have developed a disdain for colonialism and its neocolonial contemporary forms. I have realised the unequal trade relationship between Africa and the West.

2 thoughts on “Brighter Future for Africa

  1. If you wanna know how I think Africa’s development would turn out, I’d say it may grow fast, but if they’re not careful, then Africa’s wealth gap may become widened. This may allow the very same good ol’ boys to start all sorts of shits that I don’t think the Africans are that well prepared for. That said, I know I gonna piss off an army worth of folks, but I do think Africans in general have a bit better common sense than East Asians (East Asians get brainwashed too easily and can be horribly naive). If an African country is led by a leader with street smart, then that country may withstand; but if not, then there will be wars.

    As Africa gets richer, the next task for African leaders would be to tackle wealth gaps and corruptions.

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