IT Winter, Big Tech Meltdown Worst Than Dotcom Bubble

Amazon announced the redundancy of 10,000 employees. Other companies data:

Meta – 11,000 (13%)

Twitter – 4,500 (50%)

Salesforce – 2,000

Netflix – 450

Intel – 20%

Snap – 20%

Robinhood – 30%

Stripe, Lyft – 13%

The loss of these jobs means these jobs did not amount to much in the first place. Find yourself a real job, like flipping burgers at McDonalds, you will feed the multitudes and feel useful.

3 thoughts on “IT Winter, Big Tech Meltdown Worst Than Dotcom Bubble

  1. A skill, a vision, a well informed mind, a set of strategy and a good tactic or exiting strategy in case if you fuck up, is what it takes to make it in today’s world. They’re too set in their comfort zone, and that’s why they support questionable policies such as the current Russia bashing bullshit and cry about the consequences. See for me, in order to cope with the prices, I’ve began to work two jobs: front end clerk at Costco and my current Japanese restaurant cook. However, Costco does that temp to hire bullshit, so in case if I don’t get hired on, I gonna work at Best Buy with the goal of getting into Geek Squad, then take advantage of discount to buy computer parts so I get to assemble computers and sell it at higher prices on eBay – e-commerce is the future. I’ve sold my Ethereum assets already, but I may try to buy some ETC once the whole FTX fiasco dies down a bit. The prices will go back up. Combine the crypto assets and e-commerce profits, I get to fuck with gold and silver and I’ll have two options: either do a bit upgrade on weapons and vehicle and wait and see what happens, or simply pack my stuffs and move to Russia or South America and just be like fuck it and enjoy life…may still do a bit investment though to keep myself financially relevant. I will end up climbing my way up while these overly educated dumb fucks will keep shouting whatever slogans they can come up with at Russia or China for that matters and bitch about the consequences. Winners win and losers lose, that’s the cold reality of this world.

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    1. I take it easy, I have my rental property and found myself a work in the castle. Both pay rather meagre earning but combined they form a decent income. I will see how my AirBNB project goes in spring, that should add more income. My savings have been growing for several months and I will put it on a local hedge fund, I will choose the most aggressive investment strategy, and see how it goes, looking to cash out at 2030. Losers will kvetch, I will ride on.

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      1. From the sounds of it, you seem to have it going even before all these messes happen. This is definitely good. Combine it with your investment strategy, I’d say you’ll be fine.

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