2 thoughts on “When You Thought You Live in The Free World

  1. Still remain vaccine free so far. They ain’t fucking with this Chinaman. Anyways, one thing worth to mention; until Chinese diaspora in the West can learn the fact that they’re little more than useful idiots for the school systems and real estate industry and maybe as a mouthpiece, shit ain’t going nowhere. These are some of the most basic things that they’ve failed to learn:

    Lesson number one, good guys and bad guys work with each other in secret and it’s more productive to look into the secret deals rather than caring about values.

    Lesson number two, as the guy in the picture is slowly coming to a realization (at least I hope…don’t have your faith too high. I know Chinese people’s way of thinking), that the West is also pretty corruptible, and they will be as repressive as possible, maybe even more so than China, if it suits their interests. They’ll do it in the way that the locals don’t seem to realize it.

    I used to be like that when I was way younger, that I believe the whole “land of the free” bullshit, until I’ve seen how the schools basically use us and how the West actually prefer us to be as “Chinese” (in the negative stereotype sense) as possible then shit on us hard for acting exactly that way, that was when I learned my lesson. Now, this guy trynna get all sentimental about it and I be like “Shit you really that shocked? You’ve been living in a cave the whole time?”.

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    1. I had two jabs but this winter I decided to have Covid instead. I felt shit for like three weeks but it has so far been for the good. I will not have another jab, just like I don’t get one for a flu.

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