Folk Russophobia Fueled by Russia’s Foreign Agents

You know, reading comments, you see morons dismissing Russia on the basis of garbage arguments.

1) 20% of Russians are shitting into dry toilets, instead they are building weapons. Why does it bother where Russians shit? Bears shit in the woods. Russia should absolutely have the weapons that can kick your ass, and when they kick your pesky asses they should turn your mouths into toilets. This argument is often made by Czechs, who do not realize that not so long ago, in the first half of 20th century, flushing toilets were called “English toilets” and they were a luxury item that only the wealthy and worldly could afford. Also, our allies, the Americans don’t always have the luxury of a flushing toilet. I heard it is also like 20% of them, and they have the largest military budget of all.

2) 48% of young Russian wanna leave the country. This is based on a Levada poll. Levada is the only cited Russian polling agency in Western media. It is a foreign agent, and gets financing from the West. I am suspicious the first statistic cited also came from an entity designated by the Russian state as a foreign agent. Now the statistic may be true, younger people tend to hold the optimistic view that grass is greener on the other side. However, how many of those young fools are actually going to leave, how many will be back in 2 years, or 10 years? It is a bullshit statistic like all Russophobic discourse.

Russia continues to stride on, and would not be disturbed by jealous idiots.

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