3 thoughts on “Putler Controls All

  1. Truth to be told, this deal with migrants at Belarus – Poland borders is quite complicated. On one hand, I believe Brussels want those migrants, but at the very same time, Brussels know that the general populations can’t stand them. Last time when the migrants came from Turkey, but since Turkey is still a NATO member, Brussels paid Turkey over the migrant crisis. However, since it’s Belarus this time and it’ll be a bit more convenient to blame it onto Lukashenko and of course, Putin for that matter, as it’ll also direct Western right wing populists’ anger onto Moscow and Minsk – you know how gullible the average of them can be. That’s why they went along with Poland and accuse Putin for all of these. For Poland, I guess it’s just another of their cheap attempt at making themselves look like that “based protector of Europe” or whatever they think they are, while trying to take a shot at Lukashenko and of course, Putin, as they consider themselves as a partner in crime with either EU or US and they’re regaining their historical territories or whatever. Poland is being used and being fooled and it’s sad to even watch, but just like many across Asia, they seem to have problems at realizing such matter.


      1. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy lately. For the whole deal with Poland stopping migrants so aggressively, I believe I have an answer; it’s really due to how Polish want to show the Western Europe that they actually serve a purpose. Polish likes to view themselves as the protector of the Western world when in fact the West don’t even really give a fuck about them. It’s comparable to the mentality of cuckservatives and Alt-Lites in US. It’s some ass backward shit.


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