Fire Sale on the Latvian Railway

One of the tropes on this blog always was that Russophobia leads to poverty, destitution, and decay. And this goes not just for utter shitholes of the East like Ukraine or Moldova, this concerns all the post-communists countries where Russophobic sentiments fueled by local Western funded activists and encouraged by the US government (I do not think historical memory of Soviet domination is the major factor behind these sentiments) posing as politicians and journalists lead to the destruction of infrastructure, decay of economy, and missed opportunities…

One of the policies of Russia in recent years was to redirect its infrastructure to bypass the formerly communist nations of Eastern Europe and instead deal with more confident nations like Germany or Turkey. This is how Bulgarians missed out on the Black Sea pipeline, and in the works is the Czech Republic missing on the opportunity to expand its nuclear power plants if it listens to the voices that urge the government to boycott the Rosatom bid.

And for a good example of missed opportunity and subsequent industrial decay, we should look to Latvia. Latvia has sinned against the Russian people, it has discriminated against them, it has made them second class citizens. Latvia has also been guilty of shamelessly glorifying Nazi collaborators. Meanwhile, Latvia was a large transport corridor for Russian coal and other resources that used the ports on the Baltic Sea. Latvia also joined NATO, another unfriendly act, and Russia quietly built her own port on the Baltic Sea and stopped the shipments through Latvia.

The RuBaltic reports that the Latvian Railways plan to sell 4,300 tons of scrap metal from rails, pointers and other pieces of infrastructure. In May last year, the Latvian railways sold their real estate in Jelgava, the building in question was used as a recreation home for the employees of the railways. The logic is simple, no employees, no recreation home. In June the Latvian Railways put up for sale 46 cars. In July, the Railways put up for sale the station in Suntaži. In August, the Latvian Railways put up for sale 200 transport wagons. In September they put up for sale 3,500 tons of scrap metals. In November it was 8 locomotives. Further more automibiles have been put up for sale in December…

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