Jakub Janda Cheers the Removal of Konev’s Statue

The chief of the Prague based think tank, European Values, who did gay porn, expectedly cheered the removal of the statue of the soviet general, Ivan Konev from the memorial to the liberation of Prague…

This a a happy day, Prague has rid herself of a statute from the 1980s of Marshal Konev, an occupier and murderer of many Hungarians in 1956.

The Czech Russophobes have found a moral argument to remove the statue of Konev. He commanded the Soviet intervention in Hungary in 1956. Well, that’s damning but Prague has a statue of Winston Churchill, who starved out the Indians, and kept the Boers in concentration camps. That I would say is a far worse moral credit than Ivan Konev could ever amass in his lifetime. Why no solidarity with the Indians, or the South Africans? The real issue here is that Konev is Russian, and that is his misfortune.

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