Invasive “Homo Sovieticus” is Migrating From Ukraine to Estonia


The Minister of Interior of Estonia, Mart Helme was interested whether it is possible to cancel visa free travel to Ukrainians that arrive en masse in Estonia.

He said that the leaders of the Conservative Party of Estonia have previously warned that Ukraine will become a Trojan Horse should it receive a visa free travel from the EU.

“Trojan horse, even for Russia, because who comes here are not so much Ukrainian but Russians from the East of Ukraine, Russified Ukrainians, or simply Homo Sovieticus. This migratory pressure from the east on us is strong and it continues to intensify.”

Earlier reported that the EU is looking at scrapping the visa free travel for a number of countries over an increasing number of asylum seekers.

In other news, Belorussian leader, Alexander Lukashenko, said he was forced to shut the border with Ukraine tight over flows of weapons from that country.

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