Ukraine’s International Volunteers Obliterated

Yuri Podolyaka says around 30 “soldiers” of the International Brigade of Ukraine volunteers have been killed, and about 100 have been wounded in a missile strike of a base in Yavoriv in Lvov region. Seven Kalibr rockets have turned the base into this:

I don’t know if these reports are related to these missile strikes:

The above is in Chernigov:

Solovyev: Yesterday, a rocket attack was targeting not only Yavoriv military ground in the Lvov Region, having destroyed Washington’s plans to turn this site into a multifunctional transport hub with the purposes to send foreign mercenaries to take part in fighting in Ukraine. Also, according to citizens of Chernigov one of the city hotels was destroyed. In the ruins the headquarters of International Nazi Legion was discovered. Fighters of this group became infamous through posts on social media where they displayed humiliation of civilians and POWs.

I have been greeted by an army of soyboys yesterday while trolling on YouTube, who were telling me how the Russians are losing badly, how they lost 2 or 4 generals already, how Russia is paper tiger. All of these couch potatoes, who know jack shit about warfare like me, were regurgitating silly Ukrainian fakes, and I know this comes from Western media, who have completely failed when it comes to reporting this war. And I am wondering, whether some of these volunteers weren’t convinced by this abysmal reporting in “reputable” papers to go to Ukraine to meet their doom?

I understand people’s desire to help the Kiev regime given the hysteria in the mainstream media but you understand, the hysteria over Ukraine is because Putin is uncovering one stinky can of worms over there. I don’t think the funky Kiev regime can be saved, nor do I think it should be saved. STAY HOME!!!

The Mirror is reporting:


For French speakers, I get what it is about but will not translate it:

I received this commercial on YouTube today:

Paul Joseph Watson on the topic:

This space is rapidly becoming some clown world comedy:

Reports have it that two Czech nationals serving in the Karpathian Sich were arrested in Irpin, near Kiev, for stealing from their brothers in arms. Report in Czech:

I have featured the Karpathian Sich here. They are total Nazis.

Aiden Aslin

How it started:

Source The above is the situation as of July 2022…

22 thoughts on “Ukraine’s International Volunteers Obliterated

  1. This is why folks need to learn to follow the real motives instead of just buy into what they hear on the news. Don’t come to the conclusion so fast. Learn to look behind the words and pictures that the media is churning out, and that’s where folks will know what is exactly going on. However, since 80 percent of the world is dominated by alpha simps and emotional gangsta, they just won’t learn.


    1. As I said in our conversation, it would be easy for Russia to sneak in an agent into these international volunteers and the latter would give them coordinates for a missile strike.


    2. I can find the coordinates with the Google Maps and Russian military could even use this weird new thing called satellites.


  2. Btw Leos, you may wanna check it out. The Canadian sniper who was thought to be the deadliest sniper in the world had went to Ukraine to volunteer, and got killed by Spetsnaz just little after he joined the battle. They don’t seem to realize that Russian military is a really modernized and well trained one. This is not a video game and all those who’ve went there to volunteer will come to this painful realization..if they make it out alive that is.

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    1. That’s interesting, Russia isn’t even using its modern gear or veteran soldiers in this campaign. So if they can do this with less, I don’t want to see what would a total deployment of all forces look like.

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  3. Seeing the Russian-speaking cities of Mariupol and Kharkiv being relentessly bombarded, one might think that it would get through to you who is really a threat to Russophone Ukrainians.

    The fact that Russia claims to be de-Nazifying a country whose president is a Russian-speaking Jew and where the far-right got less than 2 percent of the vote might also ring a few alarm bells in any half-intelligent person.

    Then I see you’re into astrology… I was thinking of posting some abuse, but you’re actually worthy of pity. A grown adult with a gaming channel who believes that astrology has predicted victory for the Third Rome. I live in Poland and have seen first hand some of the victims of your nonsense. I live in the real world. You are a pretentious incel who’s read a bit of Dostoyevsky and gone all Dugin.

    PS: why do you live in the West and publish a blog in English? Just like Lavrov et al., denounce the decadent West but make sure the kids and mistresses are living it up there.


    1. Well, I have no choice but to live in the Czech Republic, which is my home, and where I was born. I will move to Russia if things get really bad out here.

      Little do you realize that the people of Mariupol that are fleeing are all reporting being shot at by the Azov battalion. Real Neonazis that thrived under Zelensky the Jew. We live in postmodern reality, where Jews can be leaders of Neonazi groups, where homosexuals are leaders of Neonazi groups. That makes them all the more bizarre, and worthy of destruction. It doesn’t really matter how many votes some ghoul got in the last election, Nazis in Ukraine have tanks. Or rather had because they are on fast track to obliteration.

      Read this blog and you will find out all about it. Your arguments are dog shit and have been debunked on this space.


      1. Stay classy 🙂
        So all the suffering being inflicted on Russophone Ukrainians is down to the Azov brigade? OK.

        I don’t think i’ll become a regular here but might drop in from time to time to see how well your posts age. If i recall, you predicted that the Ukrainian ‘problem’ would be solved in a few days after the invasion. Maybe you and the Russian military need to find better astrologists 😉


      2. You can scroll down and read the testimonies of people fleeing Mariupol. I did not predict shit, except a week ago I made a comment that within a week we will see the Ukrainian forces melt away. And if you scroll down this blog, you see ample evidence of that.

        I understand that you are a fucking ignorant who doesn’t know Russian, doesn’t know Ukrainian, doesn’t know shit about Ukraine. But that does not give you the right to disparage Astrology. You do that once more, or you call me an incel, or make fun of my gaming. I will put you on a list of blocked individuals and you can read my blog in silence. I don’t need cretins like you out here.

        PS: Putin will kick some Ukrainian ass. Cope soyboy!


  4. OK. Let’s try constructive dialogue. Regardless.of the rights and wrongs of this war, are you at least willing to concede, as Russian state TV has started to do, that the invasion has not gone as well as planned and that Russia has suffered significant setbacks in the north. If you are too far gone to concede that, then i’ll leave you alone and never say a bad word against astrology again 🙂


    1. I actually do not watch Russian state TV. I follow pro-Russian Ukrainians. As far as I can tell, your comment is wishful thinking based on your Russophobia and the desire for Ukraine to kick some Russian ass. However, the bulk of the Ukrainian forces was in Western Donbas and in Mariupol. Russia invaded parts of Ukraine to make the other forces busy and most of all unable to come to help the forces in the Donbas. In this they succeeded, I would say they even have overdone themselves. I think what they could have done better is attack the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas earlier on.

      The Ukrainians ranked rather high in military ratings, so I don’t know people who thought this will be easy for Russia, I certainly didn’t. You can scroll down my blog and find anything. I studied ethnic conflicts but not military matters, and therefore I never make any assumptions on this matter.

      I can however say that Russia will see this to the end and Ukraine will be deprived of their military, and the Ukrainian people will be re-educated.


  5. How many Russian-speaking Ukranians will die before the ‘end’?Re-educated? You know what, forget the dialogue. Block me, otherwise i’ll be tempted to keep trying to talk sense into you and I haven’t got time, what with having a wife (she teaches Russian, maybe you’d get along ;-), a kid and a job.

    Astrology is bullshit, gaming is for kids and teens, and Russia hates Ukrainians and Poles due to a deep inferiority complex 🙂


  6. For Hieu Le’s case, I must say this: some Vietnamese Americans are really the most fucked up people you can ever find. Basically, they’re more pro-West, pro-Israel than even rednecks and they view China and even their own distant motherland of Vietnam with disgust. If you’re Chinese or even a Vietnamese new immigrant, they’ll fuck your shits up before you even notice it. Not to mention how a lot of them don’t seem to be too educated at all…even the college ones try to act like they’re gangst, and the girls try to act like hood rats. They’re the reason why I used to have so much problem with Viets in general, until I’ve found one who was nice and calm enough to explain to me, that I shouldn’t judge the whole nation based on those South Vietnamese boat people, their descendants in US and their relatives in Vietnam and how those crowds are lost causes. One thing worth to mention though, I was also told that about 60 percents of those boat people have Chinese blood in them, if not full ethnic Chinese (who’re usually financial elite class in many Southeast Asian countries, but with very limited political power). Not sure if it’s real but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it is. Take a look at those clowns from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. There’s something really wrong with Chinese people outside of PRC. Look at it from another angle, perhaps there’s a reason why Beijing has been so reluctant in addressing the issues faced by oversea Chinese: they just don’t want to deal with bullshit, and even though it sucks, I can’t even blame Beijing entirely if this is the case.


    1. Ukraine has already taken plenty of ‘vengeance’ and no doubt will take plenty more, but not from an ‘archetype’ but by a real flesh and blood human. One who is so comically afraid of covid that he sits scared at the end of a giant table. Russia failing miserably, almost laughably, against the Ukrainian military have to resort to killing civilians to get ‘vengeance’. You must be proud, why don’t you go and fight? Your astrology app will protect you 🤡🇷🇺💀


      1. Ukraine’s small tactical successes do not change the fact that Russia is obliterating the Nazis but they may be a consolation prize to a petty Russophobe like you. You will have to cope harder.

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      2. I think he must have stroke a nerve when he talks about how your fellow dorks get obliterated in Ukraine. Let’s face it, you’re just a fucking dork. Besides talking shit and demonstrating God complex on big name social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Quora, you can’t do shit. Get a life and get some exercise.

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