3 thoughts on “Nord Stream Sabotaged

  1. Speaking of Sikorski, you know what? I believe the wisest thing to do, is to kick Poland out of EU and meanwhile, EU needs to have a complete shake up among its elites and leadership. Poland thinks it can manipulate US, UK and EU to achieve its own agenda when in fact, EU just want Poland for cheap labors and US as well as UK are actually using Poland for their own agenda against Russia. If US wants to, it can start some kind of anti-Russian alliance that consists of Poland, Romania and those Baltic states…it’s not like any of them can do much damages economically, honestly speaking. Meanwhile, after the much-needed reform of EU with some Tulsi Gabbard-ish leaders in charge of Germany, France and Italy…etc, it may become a lot more friendly towards Russia.

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    1. I think it is US and UK that manipulate countries like Poland into their anti-Russian stance. Poland has historically been a contender for dominance in Eastern Europe, and its confidence stems from alliance with powerful Western nations. Remove this Western support, and they will be humbled.

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      1. Exactly. Now imagine if Germany, France and even Italy and Spain all say fuck you to Poland’s childish ambition. Poland will have nowhere to go other than US and UK, but that also means they’ll become even more miserable. All in all, Europe as a whole will survive, except the idiots such as Poland or Lithuania and Romania for that matter. That does require EU to change its leadership though. When that happen, we can picture a way more livable EU that’s constantly attacked by US and British media, with the Eurosceptic politicians turning anti-Russia and serve as fifth column, obeying nobody else other than the orders from Washington and London. It’ll be a bit more embattled, but EU will maintain its living standards while Russia gets to enjoy a whole lot more friendlier relationship with EU. Other than US and UK, the current anti-Russia guys such as Poland will be the sole losers here. Perhaps by then, they may realize how pointless the whole thing is. Poland will finally come back to its sense and drop that so-called nationalism.


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