4 thoughts on “They Didn’t See Nazis

  1. Such type of attitude has always reminded me of Western approach to Uighur terrorists. At the end of the day, they’ll justify Islamic terrorism publicly (since it’s China, they’ll justify it without even having to worry about any potential retaliation). What can we learn? When all narratives fail when it comes to winning debates against Russia and China, they’ll have no problem at resorting to brute forces…kinda similar to how boomer parenting works, with the NPC drones as the retarded little brothers and sisters who get all the favors, and the Uighur Islamists/Ukrainian neo-Nazis as the naughty, bullish older brothers and sisters. I’ve always think lowly of China’s media power, but as the events unfold, I began to believe that China just don’t wanna waste too much money and time on media narrative because those guys in Beijing knows that if the West wanna come, they’ll come anyways. Politics is not always about winning debates after all.

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    1. Maybe the Chinese and Russians have deemed it a waste of resources to compete with the West in the media sphere. That’s why you do not see them have the kind of media machines. But at the end of the day, the Westerners are nothing but talk. I see it now in the Ukraine conflict. Vatniks that I listened to for 10 years, who were totally ignored by the Russian state are making appearances on state TV, and are getting higher views than well funded Western propaganda channels.

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