Western Countries Continue to Supply Ukraine With Weapons

Assault rifles, pistols and fitting ammunition costing 188 (188!!!) million CZK. The Czech government has approved more help for Ukraine that is suffering from a Russian attack. We will imediately organise a delivery to a place appointed by the Ukrainian side. Our help is not ending.

I hear the Poles and Baltic States are also sending weapons to Ukraine. The government of Ukraine has been distributing small arms to the populace rather recklessly. Instances of looting are reported, this will be a hell on earth.

UPD: Unfortunately, Germany has come to the opinion that giving the Kiev regime Stinger missiles and anti tank weapons is going to help sway the situation for Ukraine.

UPD: The Czechs are delivering further weapons to Ukraine and they are delivering it by train.

2 thoughts on “Western Countries Continue to Supply Ukraine With Weapons

  1. That doesn’t have anything to do with said things helping Ukraine in any way. It’s all designed to create a rift between Russians and Ukrainians when said missiles are going to be used. Incite a lasting hatred.


    1. Ukrainians have been fed the most disgusting anti-Russian propaganda for the last 9 years at least, and radical nationalism has been brewing there for much longer. Obviously there are people who hate Russia, I do not think Russia can do much about that.


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