3 Types of Women: Maiden, Mother, and Crone

The feminine is contained within the Luna, and like the Moon, the life of an adult woman comes through phases, and there is only one cycle unlike with the Moon. This categorisation is purely based on biological value of a woman, however certain moral values pertaining to their age need to be discussed.

The ascending phase of the Maiden

16 – 28 years of age is the best phase of the woman, she is fresh, and she is brimming with youthful beauty. Even average at best girls are actually kind of attractive at this time of their lives. Promiscuous maidens maybe rather damaged from the cock carousel by the age of 22. I would suggest young women don’t give it up so easily and aim for motherhood with a quality man. Motherhood is the ultimate expression of womanhood. Getting railed by many dudes is no art for a woman.

Anime Rozen Maiden

The full phase of the Mother

28 – 45 is the full phase of the woman, she should have secured motherhood in her Maiden phase. Some women achieve pregnancy with Chad or Tyrone, who run away from responsibilities, in their twenties. Other women attempt to achieve motherhood in this phase to varying success. Yet others have failed in their feminine mission. All of these women are Mothers, if only by karma, and if you bang them, you are mother fucker. There is nothing wrong with that, just do it right.

The waning phase of the Crone

45 – infinity is the last phase of the Crone. Enjoy any crone fucker coming your way.

Crone Comic – Dark Horse Comix

PS: Read my astrological interpretation of the Wall, and the Maiden phase.

8 thoughts on “3 Types of Women: Maiden, Mother, and Crone

  1. This reminds me of a few years ago, I’ve read a Chinese article talking about how women in their “maiden” age, as you put it, are actually in their prime time. They have the most physical beauty and can actually afford to live some of the most carefree lifestyle humanity has ever known. The article also mentioned that for us men in that “maiden” age, it’s usually the toughest periods of our lives, but we have the highest level of lust and testosterone during that time too, and men’s real luxury only begin after age of 30 and 30 to 50 is actually a man’s prime time. Then this is where it gets funny; for women who become way too used to the comfort, luxury and fun of the “maiden” age, they tend to struggle more during their “mother age” (28 – 45), as all the fun they had, all the dudes they’ve slept with and all the shopping frenzy they’ve had, didn’t help them to mature emotionally for one bit. To simply put, after more than a decade of being a thot, they simply don’t have the emotional maturity to act like a “motherly” woman. They’ll fare horribly in marriage, either get fooled by men with money and game, or they get into abusive relationship where they get abused, or they become the abusers but get trashed by the non-simp men who take no shit.

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    1. They can hope to get some beta sucker but they should be prepared he too will cheat on them. I do not understand what is so hard to find a quality guy in the 20s? Plenty of employed, hard working men out there for the average at best chicks.

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      1. Women at that age tend to have impaired judgment and possibly poor people skills due to being too used to use their looks to have things their ways (socialize a lot doesn’t mean they’re good at it). And men on the other hand, the employed and hardworking ones are too busy taking care of his career so he can actually enjoy life as he enters into his golden age of 30 – 50, and probably have enough to cover the medical expense after he hits 50 as his body begins to show significant signs of weakening. All the men out there screwing around with bitches are either a. hi-T chimps with sigma balls but double digit IQ, who simply don’t know better or b. low-T nerdy cucks and neckbeard males, who can’t accept the fact that they have low-T and try to be some kind of playboy or hardcore wannabes. So what you’re describing are the results of young, cute but dumb bitches and young, macho (or wannabe macho) but dumb chimps. You don’t get too happy when you’re in that relationship.


      1. There are many small time Chinese bloggers that offer insights on such topic. For Western ones, outside of meme community, I say it’s mostly that Jezebel bullshit or other “women’s self-help” nonsense. Men can’t really be honest about it other than physical condition.


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