Girls (and Society) These Days Can’t Behave and Have Seriously Bad Values

The current reality is making me extremely unhappy…

So, sitting with friends, a female university professor friend of mine, and other attendants were wondering how a man like me does not have a family. I have an income surpassing the average Czech by sever times, and can afford nice things, holidays in the Caribbean, the Canaries, Jordan etc., exotic foods. Guess what the reason one guy came up with? I live with my elderly mother. Meanwhile, the best times for that dude are visitations with his daughter.

I analysed this issue in my head, and I came to the realisation that there is nothing wrong about living with mother. I am a simp for my mother because my mother actually deserves it. When I look outside my bedroom, I see a fairytale castle and royal hunting grounds. Illustrious kings, Přemysl Otakar II, and the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV hunted stags and boars there, these animals still live there. Looking at all this beauty makes me proud to be Czech. No way am I trading this for an apartment down town. I don’t want to smell sewage every morning when I get out to shop or work, I wanna smell the roses in the garden.

This is what I see from my bedroom window…

This house could accommodate two more families. In London, a house like this would cost 15 million quid (22239950 USD), and probably more with the amount of land that surrounds it. Besides, my mother has nobody else left in this world, my father abandoned the family, my Russian relatives sided completely with my father because he has a lot of money, and we don’t. My father’s family too, there the problems were long lasting, they were never happy with my father’s choice.

My father literally left mother, his wife of 40 years, for a younger woman who said she will not fuck him if he doesn’t get a divorce. My mother was a good housewife, who did borscht and milkshakes for my dad. My mother took care of the real estate, family home in the Czech Republic and a flat in London. My father came home from work to a hot meal and clean shirts. In the divorce proceedings, my father wrote that he needs money to spend on women and dates.

He spent 300,000 British pounds (404,800 USD) on lawyers to fight my mother, a genuinely good person, who has friends all over because she is kind. He hid assets that should have been my, and my brother’s inheritance. Particularly a patch of pastoral land and cottage in Northern Bohemia, where we used to spend winter as kids. My father was earmarked to inherit that property but it was sold, where did the money go? It could have been worth 8-9 million CZK (337,216 USD), probably more. In the financial statement he provided, he has also withdrawn like 20 million Russian roubles (253,362 USD) from a bank in the span of several month, and he claimed Russia is a cash society in his defence, which is absolutely not true.

My brother and I have not seen any financial, or career help from dad. It is painful to see other kids, whose dads are way poorer but they do whatever they can to help their kids. They give them patches of land to build a house on, help with their hands to build that house, they buy them flats, and if wealthier, those guys get money to invest in business. Instead my weak simp dad gives our inheritance, and family assets to sugar babies, I lost all respect I had for him. I respected my dad, he is a high achiever, a hockey player, a guy with a Red Diploma (equivalent to 1st class in British universities) in nuclear physics. Me, my brother, and mother have actually bumped into him in Prague airport on way to Nepal, the old man began crying!

Speaking of sugar babies, a girl at work realised I am cute and I have cash, and started giving me a lot of attention. So we started having sex, and few weeks into the relationship she starts to ask me to become her sugar daddy. She is a lame manipulator, and I am clued up on women, so I gave her a cold shoulder. She began to be visibly cold towards me, and told me we have a “friends with benefits” kind of relationship. That’s like a wet friendzone, where she keeps you on rotation while she bangs the entire hockey team, and then you sucker get some of that ass. When I asked her how many sexual partners she had, she reversed the question, and I said 5. Her answer was: “I had way more sexual partners than you.” It was showing on her vag. Sugar daddy my ass, she will be lucky to find a sucker to marry her.

These women absolutely lack any sense of prudence, a Chinese Taipei (from Nankan) girl I dated, recklessly spent my money on clothing. She would put a photo of herself in the dress I bought her that made her look slimmer on a dating website. Perfect marriage material there. My mother counts every penny, taught me to be careful with money, and a useful arithmetic that I employ in doing business. I am wondering what these girls could teach my children? I have recently found videos of ageing women teaching the art of being a gold digger on youtube. You see, when parents fail to educate their daughters, they get their education from some vapid garden tool on social media.

But I too am not innocent of hypergamy, which is what they call trading a lower value partner for a higher value one. At the age of 16, I dumped my high school crush over a completely trivial reason. She had a slightly bigger nose, she was of a Mediterranean ancestry. Otherwise she was perfect, good natured, smart, Libra, I’m Aries. It was nothing that could not be undone with a little plastic surgery, which she later underwent. I dumped her over something so superficial because I thought I could do better. I eventually did better, 9 year later. I suffered a total dry spell because I do not have any game. My entire game consisted of planting myself among women, and waiting for the fish to catch the bait.

Last I heard about my crush, she was teaching English in East Timor, probably childless. I could have had a long term relationship with that girl, instead I never experienced a long term relationship, only flings with superficial girls. It is almost as if the gods said: “You little twat, we will show you now the power of fate!” And I wonder how will they punish my dad? The moral of the story is, sometimes we don’t value what we have.

4 thoughts on “Girls (and Society) These Days Can’t Behave and Have Seriously Bad Values

  1. As a Capricorn, INTP (I do get typed as ISTP in some of Mbti tests though. Either INTP or ISTP) with Enneagram 5w4, I don’t get fucked over by thots. I just have problem getting the ones I like: smart to a degree, emotionally matured, chill, don’t get scared easily, minimal mind games, not getting into my way (this is very important for me as I do get stressed out when the girl requires too much of my attention. I loath needy bratty bitches) and appreciate my type of humors. In an essence, you’re spot on about how girls these days don’t know how to behave at all. It’s not even just about being a gold digger, but they’re just overall obnoxious, for lack of better words. I think they probably think that us men are really that stupid. Besides the moral aspect, they need to understand that not all men are into “ride or die hood bitch” nor the kawaii bimbo bitch. Men with refined taste avoid such types as if they’re dog shits on the ground. Oh last but not least…this is especially true for many Asian American women: women with degrees does not equal to smart women. They need to stop being so goddamn smug about their college degree and their fraternity boyfriends. I’ve seen some with way lower education level and they act way more matured and smarter than those college bitches.


    1. All I actually want is an heir. I have to find a girl to impregnate. In fact, I don’t care if she is not well behaved if she displays some form of intelligence at least. I’d just kick her out of the house and get visitations of the child through courts.

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      1. I see. It’s hard to find a proper one for that purpose in today’s world though. 80 percents are either dumb AF (or “cute” AF) or they gonna fuck you over for child support money, if not both. Honestly not just the ladies, but most folks are a bit fucked up nowadays, regardless of gender. Not only they have no taste, but they have no moral neither. Smart folks are turning loner or resort to Internet for a reason; they just don’t want other people giving them bullshit.


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