Azov Battalion Premises Raided in Kharkov

Earlier this summer, the immortal minister of the the interior, Arsen Avakov was dismissed from his post, and it seems the Azovites have lost their cover.

The SBU raided Azov premises in Kharkov recently, and one can say about time. The Azov was not only a heaven for neonazis, it is a criminal organization that preys on local businessmen, extorting racket money.

It was a matter of time before the Nazis of Azov met the fist of the government. They were simply too odious. Their patron Avakov has fled to Italy. This is also the end of such post-Maidan stars such as Anton Herashchenko and Zoryan Shkiryak.

Literally and end of a period. However, national chauvinism and radical nationalism is not going anywhere with the removal of Avakov and his neonazis. Unfortunately!

Based on information mentioned here.

6 thoughts on “Azov Battalion Premises Raided in Kharkov

  1. My opinion? I think Zelensky is trying to gain acceptance from US and EU instead of genuinely trying to reduce the national chauvinism and radical nationalism. I don’t think US and EU will ever look at Ukraine as an equal partner though. That said, he is on the right track and doing the right thing, but not for right reason that is.

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    1. From what I understand is the local oligarchs are at the war with Zelensky and the Nazis are their shock troops. However, Azov is just one group.

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      1. Well personally I don’t think Zelensky is to be trusted by any means. His recent comments on Crimea has strengthened my point even more. But on this one, I think he’s doing right thing for Ukraine. Ukraine needs a house cleaning. Then again if he insists on making Russia an enemy and hoping US and/or EU to bail Ukraine out, then this is little more than just band-aid solution. Btw I’m just curious, besides Azov, how many neo-Nazi groups are currently active within Ukraine?


      2. It is clear that his policies are completely directed from Washington. Hence his comments on Crimea. People act surprised but he has consistently made such comments in Ukrainian. His current interview was made in Russian so it resonated more.

        There are many other groups operating that are not Azov.

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    2. hi there, zelensky is being advised and funded by democrat politicians in America, he and Ukraine have been pushed to go this way for years by democrat polititicians who secretly want war with Russia, this was spoken about in the US senate when democrat Adam Schiff when he said “we are at war with Russia and we are in it to win it” referring to the proxy war in Ukraine 2 YEARS ago.
      i was gobsmacked to see this in a tucker carlson video not long ago.
      clip of schiff saying this can be seen on this link:-

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