What do you Want From Biden?

Dear readers, what a text I have discovered, it almost confirms the message of one of the videos I uploaded to my YouTube channel recently, (check it out if you have a command of Russian and Ukrainian)…

A Ukrainian [person]: My relative lives in the Urals, Russia. And he asks: “What do you want from America and Biden?! I thought a bit and replied…

  1. I want American military bases on Russian borders. In Lugansk, in Donetsk, in Sevastopol, and in Simferopol. That the US 6th fleet may feel at home.
  2. That the strategic aviation may fly, bombers, fighters, tankers… And that the AWACS may fly over and shit on the heads of enemies.
  3. That US nuclear weapons and the boot of the NATO soldier, to the maximum level, so that Putin may shit himself from the anxiety.
  4. That our military may learn from their military, for a fully fledged alliance and bubble gum. You do not have to fight for us, we can fight already. For us, with us does not matter. We need to become frightening so that one would piss himself just from seeing us.
  5. We need Murican judiciary because our judiciary is comatose.
  6. Also, customs and fiscal policy should be transplanted because ours is comatose.
  7. May American capital enter and with their capitalists, managers, technicians. I have worked with Westerners and I have worked with compatriots. I will say, the Americans, the British, the Canadians are welcome. And our pseudo-proletarian dung should learn from them. Blablala…

I hope dear readers, that you liked this little translation. And would you like to defend Ukraine?

7 thoughts on “What do you Want From Biden?

  1. The guy has went full retarded. How long does it take for him to realize that US gives no fuck to nobody? The faster one can hop off the US train, the better. This applies to not just Ukraine, but pretty much everywhere else.

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    1. The Ukrainian nationalists were always peons in somebody else’s game. In WWI, they were tools of Austria Hungary and the German Empire, in WWII, they served the Nazis, and after they were coopted by Murica. They think that these powerful enemies will help them, and what they do not realise is that the West uses them against Russia. And being against Russia is actually being against yourself if you are a Ukrainian. Russia does not begin in Pskov, Voronezh, Rostov but in Rava Ruska in Western Ukraine.

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      1. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m an expert at Ukrainian politics and history, but the more I hear about Ukraine, the more I see them resembling Hong Kong and Taiwan. Sure there are difference between the case of Ukrainian nationalists vs Russia and the issues with HK and Taiwan, but the elements of acting like they’re based and going against their own kinds (all of them accuse their own kinds as having “imperialist ambition” towards them) when they’re merely somebody else’s pawns, seem to be presented in all these cases.

        I think the problem here is how none of them seem to know big picture nor are they even interested in seeing them. They’re not good with critical thinking, even though they tend to think that Russia or China are the ones who lack such feats and “bowing down to tyrants” or whatever bullshit arguments they got…you probably get the idea. They follow a very short sighted way of thinking, and combined with a great dose of misinformation they received from Hollywood and perhaps some of the more successful immigrants in the West, they seem to believe that “West = good” or “anything from US and/or EU = hip” and nothing can go wrong once they live in US and abide by the local laws. A good numbers of them seem to be even more patriotic towards the west than Americans and West Europeans themselves, yet none of them ever stop and think about how they might be manipulated into doing somebody else’s dirty works. Now if you want me to go deeper, I’ll say this; economic status don’t matter. GDP is something that can be fixed anyways. The core problem exists within their origins. Ukraine got a very fertile land, which led to a more agrarian lifestyle than how it is in Russia. Meanwhile, HK and Taiwan were mostly rice farmers and fisherman until their economic boomed during the Asian Tiger economic miracle, which China has been trying to copy since the 80’s and it led to all sorts of social problems (another story). That said, their ways of thinking tend to be more villager-like at core. Villagers are not known to think big. They’re hard workers, family-oriented, able to endure bone-crushing discipline as long as they believe they’re fighting for some kind of greater cause, but they don’t care about things that don’t affect them directly, and they lack the ability to spot bullshit effectively. You can shove all sorts of shit to them and they’ll believe it. This will lead to massive ignorance and no matter how much information, money and resources you pour into them, they’ll still be somebody else’s pawns. If their infrastructures are well managed, they might have a semi-decent living standard, but they ‘ll still be fooled easily and end up doing something really stupid.

        The solution? Russia and China has to come up with something that can attract the local lower class’ and social rejects’ attention and encourage them to hop off that pseudo-nationalist brainwashing. Now, I don’t know about Russia, but for China, it has to undergo a massive societal change. The desired result is for the lower class and social rejects to look up to Russia and China, not learning from them. Russia’s and China’s biggest mistake was to have too much trust in the ways of US, EU and those Asian Tiger countries/territories.


      2. You would not be mistaken in the case of HK and Taiwan. What happens is that these regions were under direct foreign control and under foreign influence that ultimately promotes an identity that is separate from China and anti-Chinese. There are those that say HKongers and Taiwanese are not Chinese. Ukraine is basically the same. An estranged region.

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  2. Colonialism and/or neocolonialism definitely played a role here. However, if you ever talked to anyone from HK or Taiwan, you can see that it’s difficult to engage in any real intelligent conversation with them. In the face of anything real, they’ll either give you a confused face or they’ll just come up with a really shallow, irrelevant argument. Combine that with the history of those places and how I heard about Ukrainian soil’s fertility that was how I came to the conclusion of the villager mentality is haunting all these places. This makes it harder for them to snap out of colonial mindset by themselves. They’ll need external help.

    (unlike Russians who I’ve actually lived with at one time and I had Russian landlord before, my interaction with Ukrainians is rather limited. I never get that close with them nor have any real conversation other than small talks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I presume it’s kinda like how it is with HKers and Taiwanese too.)


    1. The Ukrainian nationalism is a modern expression of attempts to estrange this region done in the Early Modern Era by the Catholic Church. These lands have a history of being ruled by foreigners. My brother’s gene test says we are descended from Lithuanians that conquered this area in 15th century. The problem is that when Russia got reunited under the Romanovs, there was this Polish-Lithuanian nobility left, a creole population of peasants, and Halychyna under Austrian rule. All this combined to create Ukrainian nationalism. All this conspired against Russia. When Russia is weak, this bullshit rears it’s head.

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      1. Thanks for your insights Leos. Very informative. What you’ve described with the left over Polish and Lithuanian nobility elements in Ukraine seems to resemble the left over Japanese in Taiwan that the pro-Beijing Taiwanese have talked about – basically they’re Japanese by blood but after Japan lost WW2, many of them still live on the island, except they changed their names into Chinese and began to learn Mandarin and on top of that, they hide their Japanese identity well to avoid trouble. According to those pro-Beijing types, they’re some of the most extreme Taiwan independence activists and one of the Taiwan’s former president, Li Denghui, was one of them.


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