Why the Chinese Social Credit is Actually Better Than American Society 282

Not that we haven’t seen this before…

The American right-wing commentator and activist, Nick Fuentes was deplatformed from a variety of services and put on a no-fly list. Fuentes still has Twitter to tell us about it…

Therefore, you can basically be treated like a criminal for supporting Donald Trump in contemporary America. Say hello to one party state in all but name.

Well, I think the Chinese system is actually better than these waves of woke hysteria in the Society 282 as Egor Kholmogorov called it after the article 282 of the Russian penal codex that related to hate speech and extremism. The Chinese social credit actually gives you clear blueprint on how to become a good citizen. I do not want to defend that system, I personally think totalitarian states are prone to abuse, and I am fine with the weak state of the Czechs but if given the choice now, I would choose China to live instead of US. The American and by extension Western system of values is still indefinite, you never know which protected group your speech crosses, you also do not expect that in a democratic society supporting a legitimate political force will lead to persecution.

We live in liminal times and the West is unfortunately moving in a really unhealthy direction.

6 thoughts on “Why the Chinese Social Credit is Actually Better Than American Society 282

  1. Well just like you, I have some personal opinions about this whole social credit system thing. Our idea of leadership can be strict and rigid, but the good thing is that when the top guys say something needs to be done, it will be done. Very little bullshit involved. Also, as the typical Chinese leaders are not very good at lying or debating in a less “academic” way (if you ask me, I think this might be one of the reasons why China never managed to churn out anything that resembles RT, Sputnik or even Vesti News on Youtube), they’re less likely to create an illusion that you’re free. However, the western leadership will lie their asses off and people will buy into that – it’s especially effective at bullshitting those who raised in that ESTJ-ish upbringing such as most of us and other East Asians, as all of us were taught to trust authorities – this might has something to do with how we got mind fucked for the past 2 years straight, from Hong Kong riots, the pandemic and now that whole Stop Asian Hate deal.

    With all that being said, the conclusion is that CCP might be less than perfect, but if we get the democracucks to run China, then the effect will be even more devastating for China and who knows, maybe rest of the world. Except the western elites and the media they controlled will act like nothing went wrong since CCP is collapsed, until another populist movement surface, with Chinese being the target of course.


    1. You see, I don’t claim I know enough about China but from what I hear, the markets are rather deregulated, the government allows free enterprise, and the CCP one party rule is not really repressive if you are not a traitor. Although, I believe that such a system of control ultimately benefits the political class because it makes them impervious to criticism. However, this is just a question of checks and balance, which can be established in such a system as well. The Czechs have utter chaos in their politics. Dirty accusations, scandals, short lived governments, and also the inability to think strategically. For instance, the attitude to pension reform is the system will not be reformed until there is a crisis, and by that time, the current people may not be in power.

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      1. Two things you gotta like about CCP, certainty and efficiency. Things actually get done. Meanwhile, western democracy’s biggest problem is that it assumes everyone to be smart and rational, when it’s far from reality. Now we’re already seeing the very negative effects, from the woke phenomenon to what you’ve described about the politics in CZ.


      2. Yes, this is what I like about China. They are able to build things and take things to successful conclusion. Roads, nuclear power plants etc. My government has not started a single nuclear power plant since the communist days and builds only 4 km of highways per year. Note that some Chinese provinces are way bigger more rugged than this country.

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