The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship?

Whenever you are being told about 40% of young Russians wanting to quit Russia for a better life in the West, think of this guy…

Mikhail Roskin is driving his tractor towards the USA. Says his wife won a green card and they are going to US without contacts or good knowledge of English. Be careful he writes about politics. He is being read by Alexey Navalny.

And he is coming back…

There is some complete fuckery happening with the evacuation of Russians from the US. 1. Today an empty Boeing 777 flew from NYC to Moscow. They allowed only 50 people on board. They accepted only those that had registration in Moscow, the others were simply left behind…

Come crisis, Putin’s Russia help please, I don’t wanna stay in Murica, can’t afford medical insurance because I’m a sucker. And such is the story of the majority of those that say “I wanna emigrate…”

9 thoughts on “The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship?

  1. Putin’s Russia help please…that is, if they can even afford to go back. I’m pretty sure there are some who have done some dumb shit due to unfamiliar with how American society works and how American people actually think, and throw their entire future away in the process.


    1. In this day and age, affording to go back is the least of anyone’s worries. I have worked with homeless people from Eastern Europe in London and they always found funds to repatriate them.

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      1. Dunno about Russia or Eastern Europe, but in Asia if you go back like that, you’ll be viewed as losers unless you can come up with a perfect bullshitting plan about your backgrounds. You won’t get into good playing job that way. Most Asian societies have a very hierarchical mindset. Social rules in Asia just reeks of bullshit as usual. Russia or Eastern Europe on the other hand, doesn’t operate in that lame ass thinking, at least from what I’ve seen.


      2. You would not get any winner credits here either. But if you were a loser here, you will be a loser over there too.


  2. Communism happened to Russia. Shitty economics mixed with wanton repression. The West looked like a place where life is great. But there is great deal of convergence between east and west now.


    1. That might be the case for Russia, but for Asia it’s an even bigger mess. You know something is wrong when you see Koreans, Taiwanese, those guys from Hong Kong and even some Japanese who also think in that lame ass way.


      1. Yeah, I met some people like that. But note that Korea and Taiwan only experienced development post-War. The Japs sometimes like Western society over their own because theirs is peculiar.

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  3. All in all, we can reach some conclusions:

    1. For the Russians, the inferiority complex among some Russians are due to lacking of research of western living as well as the legacy of life under Soviet and the 90’s. Some shady politician wannabes like Navalny are taking full advantage of this phenomenon.

    2. For Asia, depends on where you from, that “legacy of communism and poverty” might be presented, but not always the case. I think the problem here is that there are way too many unaddressed social issues. The society in Asia, especially the ones that practices Confucianism, can be rather depressing to say the least, if not downright tormenting.

    3. That said, both cases share the same element of “lacking of understanding of how western world really operates”. I believe that the governments need to do a better job at teaching everyone about how life in the west really looks like, and for the Confucian world, the way how people think and look at things, especially elders and families, need to change and it needs to be done ASAP! All in all, I say Russia got the better edge. One think I like about Russia is that it doesn’t just focus on GDP. Unlike China, Korea, and other parts of Confucian Asia, things in Russia, including ways of thinking, doesn’t seem to be…manufactured, for lack of better words.

    4. Now for the loser returnees…well for us, we have two standards; American losers will be treated like demi-God. In order for American losers to get their asses kicked in China, he/she will have to be either politically engaged in that blatant anti-CCP manner or just plain old stupid. Even then, the punishment is usually just slaps on the wrist compares to the locals and oversea Chinese loser returnees. Now for oversea Chinese losers, they can’t even do that. And from other non-Chinese Asians I’ve talked to, it’s not just China, as same phenomenon can be seen across Asia. I’m not sure about Russia, but I think it’s a little bit better. It would be nice if everyone can treat each others the same way they treat Americans.


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