Biletsky, the Leader of Azov, once said Ukraine Needs a Confederacy with Russia

Yesterday, the National Corpus, a civilian branch of the National Guard Battalion “Azov”, that is widely reported to be made up of neo-nazis, protested at Bankova, the seat of the Presidential Administration in Kiev, and also attacked the police at a Poroshenko rally in Cherkasy…

Soon after, a video of a younger looking leader of Azov, (I see banners of the Patriot of Ukraine, an organisation that preceded Azov) Andriy Biletsky, surfaced and was carried by pro-Poroshenko media. I have uploaded it to my youtube channel and given it English subtitles:

His thesis basically boils down to, if Ukraine is to succeed, she needs Russia’s natural resources. Which is a no brainer! I have heard about Biletsky’s pan-Slavism before but I would not say he is happy with Putin and his regime in Russia, I think their ideology presupposes a neo-nazi revolution in Russia before there can be any unification with Ukraine. Anyway, recently he abstained from the vote on the changes to the Ukrainian constitution, which enshrined an EU and NATO geopolitical course.

Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 22.35.18.png

3 thoughts on “Biletsky, the Leader of Azov, once said Ukraine Needs a Confederacy with Russia

  1. This would explain AP’s constant reminders that the Azov types have more Russians in them than one would expect.

    It’s not so much Russia that they have a problem with as the Russian Federation.

    If the kremlins were smart they’d do something interesting with the likes of Tesak instead of having him languish in jail.


    1. It has to be taken into account that the Kremlins rule over Russia. I don’t think this would fly in RF.


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